Stellar Apparel - Custom Racing Apparel, Pit Crew Shirts, Charles River Apparel, Holloway Sportswear, Sublimated Pit Shirts, Screen Printed & Embroidered also Eco-Friendly Promotional Items. Stellar Apparel - Custom Racing Apparel, Pit Crew Shirts, Charles River Apparel, Holloway Sportswear, Sublimated Pit Shirts, Screen Printed & Embroidered also Eco-Friendly Promotional Items. Stellar Apparel - Custom Racing Apparel, Pit Crew Shirts, Charles River Apparel, Holloway Sportswear, Sublimated Pit Shirts, Screen Printed & Embroidered also Eco-Friendly Promotional Items.
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Stellar Apparel Blog about Custom Racing Apparel

Custom Racing Apparel, Embroidered Pit Crew Shirts, Race Team Apparel, and more!

Racing Clothing

Racing Apparel are created to combine the racing thrill with latest fads and style. If you are a race enthusiast and planning to visit the following occasion then remember to put on the tailored auto racing clothing of your favorite racer to resemble a group! This will offer you a brand-new and different look in the entire group and you will feel confidence. It is the best method to acquire attention and value your finest racer. The more the customized tops of a particular racer in the group, the more will certainly be his assurance in his game and there will certainly be much more possibilities of winning the game! This is the popular means of bucking up your racer. At the same time, you make an unique area in the crowd. If you are with you family members, you can buy tailored shirts for each family member. Yes, these shirts are readily available in all dimensions. Previously it was a challenging thing to locate such stylish racing clothing already you can locate these racing t tops online and can purchase to look different and distinct. If you are concerned about purchasing the most effective products, then you ought to search a little before making the final payment.

Selecting the brand name depends on a lot of factors. You have to search for the accessibility of dimensions, top quality of items and last but not least the rate! Costs must be reasonable. There are several spots online that can give you high quality personalized t shirts in acceptable and economical prices so do not waste your cash in getting these shirts from an expensive spot. Likewise take into consideration buying other add-ons in addition to the tailored auto racing clothing since as this will certainly make you look distinct and different from other spectators. Purchase your auto racing apparel now and start enjoying the race with a brand-new adventure and excitement!

Custom Racing Shirts

Various people have various purposes for purchasing custom racing shirts. If you are wanting to get these amazing and popular t shirts to impress individuals and make them amaze with your collection after that you are not the only one, this is the crazy dream of most of the passionate race lovers! If you are also enthusiastic about your racing team and love to watch every race after that you should attempt putting on the auto racing tops at the racing monitor! This will provide you a new excitement and will raise your exhilaration level! There are various brands of racing shirts that are working on such crazy desires and are making t shirts that look precisely the like of the auto racing teams. In this way, you get able to use the same dress as your favorite racer would be wearing on the track at that day. This sounds crazy and entices big people, this additionally boost your confidence and make you stand out in the public!

An inquiry always pops up psychological of these race enthusiasts that where they should visit to get the very best products. The most effective racing clothing and add-ons are offered online. Previously there was no energetic resource of purchasing such products yet with the boost in web use, there have surfaced a number of brand names that offer on-line purchasing facility and you need not to go to any store to locate the auto racing apparel that resemble those of your suitable racer. You could quickly choose the racing t tops from various layouts available and you could make the repayment online to make the procedure simpler. That brand ought to be liked while making the investment of racing clothing that offers you the most effective top quality in efficient fees. The products need to also be of real top quality, that is why you must constantly pick the quality online store for making such an investment.

Custom Racing Apparel - Stellar Apparel = Your #1 Source for Custom Racing Threads

It's that time of year again, so uncertain the subject of custom racing apparel has been tossed around the garage lately.  If your team is anything like ours, you want to look the part and feel your best while doing it. Stellar Apparel takes custom racing apparel to a whole new level.  With no minimum order stellar caters to all types of racers, top echelon teams to saturday backwoods racers, boat teams, tractor pulling, you name it... we have got an apparel solution for you. Whether you're looking for pit crew shirts, custom racing team shirts, custom racing hats, hero cards or something I haven't mentioned, I'm sure we can help you out!  Contact stellar apparel the specifics regarding your project and we will help you along the way.

We specialize in racing apparel, embroidery, screen printing, and imprinted promotional items, we can handle any aspect of almost any project that you might have per your race team.  We create totally custom banners, we have full overseas production capabilities, we create totally custom leather jackets and more!  Contact us today to see how we can help your team look like a million bucks!

Custom racing apparel is a subject that is tossed around most race shops, it doesn't matter if you're into dirt bike racing, drag racing, boat racing, tractor pulling, or NASCAR are like me...  We have a totally custom racing apparel solution for you and your team.  We can produce custom pit crew shirts racing T shirts hero cards and more we cater to the motor sports community, and we are racer's so we know what racers want!

 The stellar apparel has been providing custom racing apparel to race teams for almost 15 years.  Stellarapparel is a service disabled veteran owned small business located in Massachusetts and caters to the more sports community with custom racing apparel, pit crew shirts, racing T shirts and more!

Written by Jamie Falconi 2/27/14

Jamie Falconi
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Racing Apparel From Stellar Apparel Takes Race Teams to Success!

Whatever your racing apparel needs may be, Stellar Apparel is your one-stop location for finding it.  With a great variety of manufacturers available and with an immense amount of customization enabled with most of the lines, we will find a way to meet your specific racing apparel needs.  Race teams, automotive shops, and even racing fans need a quality supply of racing apparel and we will help you find it, regardless of your tastes.

Of the most important aspects for any race team’s racing apparel, Stellar offers a wide variety of pit crew shirts to help outfit your entire team.  Regardless of whether your team is gearing up for the local race or the upcoming Irwin Tool’s Night Race in Bristol, Tennessee, your crew needs to be dressed with the proper racing apparel for the occasion. 

One of the popular choices of pit crew shirts is “The Racer’s Choice” pit crew shirt.  With a black top offset with the color of your choice, this shirt captivates your team’s racing apparel to a new level of success.  The “Downshifter Style” is another popular shirt style and also conveys a professional appearance.

Women on your race team will also be well prepared with racing apparel from our “Upshifter Style” that is fitted for women.  Stellar Apparel has other great fashions geared specifically for women as well.

Other forms of fun racing apparel include our great selection of racing caps.  With emblazoned flames or checkered flags, our racing caps enable a great space for your team’s logo to be printed directly onto the cap.  Set your team apart with caps to add to your arsenal of racing apparel, which include a variety of colors to suit everyone’s wishes.

Racing Apparel options also cover other aspects of team needs like jackets, which are great during cold night races and can be worn outside of the track to help show off your team.  With a variety of styles from outfitters like Charles River Apparel, BurksBay, and Tonix, you will surely find a jacket to help with your racing apparel demands.

Racing apparel also extends to the fans of your team as well.  A great way to help promote your car is through our custom racing apparel.  These shirts can be customized to fit your team and show off your proud logo in a fun and colorful way.  Fans and kids will absolutely love the intense and dazzling display of your racecar, and the T-shirts will help promote the team and its driver.  Be sure to improve this aspect of your racing apparel with cool T-shirts!

The items described here are just the start of the incredible racing apparel available through Stellar Apparel.  Be sure to check out the entire selection so that your team is ready to take the next step and look the part as well!  Racing apparel is a crucial aspect to displaying the professionalism and dedication that your race team exudes, so be sure to get outfitted with the best racing apparel possible, and watch your team succeed!

Custom Racing T Shirts that are Totally Custom!

Everyone loves looking at racing T Shirts. Whether you're at a NASCAR race or at a hometown track on a Saturday night you’ll most assuredly find racing T Shirts. The full-color artwork is colorful and typically might depict a picture of the team’s race car, or multiple cars, or the driver’s car with multiple graphics like flames or diamond plate as backgrounds.

Racing T Shirt Designs
Blankenship Custom Racing T Shirt Design

Included in the design of your racing t shirts would be various sponsors that the team may have and a team logo and of course somewhere on the shirt would be the mainstay checkered flags. Stellar apparel creates totally custom racing T Shirts from pictures of your racecar. Totally custom art, not cookie cutter, or name drop, it’s your car, your ideas, and ultimately your racing t shirts that you have to figure on selling.

Racing T Shirts are designed totally custom from your specifications. We create artwork from concept to creation. We will design racing T Shirts from one to as many as 12 colors, but typically are designed to run in the 6 to 8 color range. Minimum orders for custom artwork, with artwork between 6 to 8 colors would be about 144 racing T Shirts.

Custom Racing T Shirts by Stellar Apparel
Mystic Pizza Racing T Shirts

You can expect to pay a variety of different range of prices depending on such things as the color of the racing t shirts you choose or the number of colors that we print on the front, back, sleeves or your racing t shirts or any other location you may choose and of course the total number of racing t shirts we are printing for your project.

You can view more than a few of the racing T shirts we have designed in the past for various customers on our custom screen printing page. We've done designs from one color pictures of a go-kart on only a dozen tees, all the way up artwork and projects for championship teams and drivers. We don't turn down a project involving custom racing t shirts. We love to create totally custom racing t shirts for any size team. We can handle projects of any size because we have full production capabilities. So NASCAR teams and Saturday night races alike please contact us and see how we can help you on your next project involving racing T Shirts.

Again, some of the things to consider when planning your project, which might affect the price of your racing T shirts, are things like the following:

a)      Keep in mind the color of shirts used – Whites are cheapest, Darks are more expensive

b)      Consider the sizes of the shirts you use - larger sizes like 2X+ are typically a few dollars more per shirt

c)      the locations we are going to print

d)     how many colors we are printing in each location

  1. Left chest?
  2. Full Front?
  3. Left and/or right sleeves?
  4. Full Back?

e)      and of course last but not least the total number of shirts

f)       (keep in mind shirts and sweatshirts can be mixed and matched)

Visit us online at to view samples of our artwork, also coming soon is our portfolio with examples of screen printing and embroidery artwork that we have done in the past for customers along with examples of racing T Shirts.

Jamie Falconi

Things to consider when buying blank or custom Racing Shirts.

If the subject of racing shirts has been tossed around the race garage lately… or you have been having nightmares about what to do about crew uniforms for the guys recently, don’t loose any more sleep! Stellar Apparel is here to help with your next project involving racing shirts. Because we are the #1 source for blank and custom racing apparel on the web, we know what racers want, and have been providing racing shirts for teams for over 15 years… We will take the thought process right out of your next project involving racing shirts for you. Don’t stress over which racing apparel garment to choose, let us suggest the style of racing shirt that will fit your needs!

Visit our blank racing shirts page for over 20+ styles to choose from. We also offer a variety of women’s shirts. Polo shirts are a great way to outfit the race team without spending a tremendous amount of money. All our racing shirts can be customized with your choice of embroidery or screen-printing, we even offer heat press, and die sublimation, just shoot us a copy of your logo and we’ll send you an estimate.


Sublimated Racing Shirts

Sublimated Race Shirts

There are many types of racing shirts. You have button-down, polo style, and with the new type of sublimated race shirts there are an additional 20+ styles to choose from. Such as button-down racing shirts, pullovers, quarter zips, stand-up collar shirts, no collar shirts and more.  We even offer youth and children’s sizes in the sublimated racing shirts.  The shirts are unique with an all-over print, unlimited number of colors, and graphics and one low cost setup charge .


Some things to consider in regards to decorating your racing shirts with either screen-printing or embroidery, are things like; would you like a team name? How about an individual name, in the industry we call it a personalization. Or quite possibly you would like to nickname embroidered on your.  If your team has sponsor logos that you would like included on your racing shirts you can send them to us in a JPEG format and we will provide an estimate for embroidery or silk screen.


Racing Polo Shirt

20+ Polo shirt Styles

When considering providing racing shirts for your team you must consider your racing shirt budget. Do you only want to spend $10 per racing shirt? Then you might be looking at racing shirts in the form of a racing T-shirt. If your budget is something along the lines of $35 per racing shirt, then you might be able to put them into a polo racing shirt with a little bit of embroidery. Then on the other hand if you have a higher budget something like five, 85 or hundred dollars plus per racing shirt then you might consider a button-down racing shirt with a fair amount of embroidery, or possibly a sublimated racing shirt.

The fact of the matter is there is quite a bit to consider when planning a project involving racing shirts. So why don’t you leave it to the racing apparel experts, yeah, that’s us! Stellar Apparel!

Jamie Falconi 

Stellar Apparel now offers the complete line of Red Kap Shirts

Red Kap Shirts - Buy Online - No Minimums - Stellar Apparel
Red Kap Shirts - Buy Online - No Minimums - Stellar Apparel

Stellar Apparel now offers Red Kap Shirts! - We have officially become a distributor for VF Image wear which are the worlds leading manufacturer of work-wear apparel and Safety type apparel. They are the manufactures for the following brands. Red Kap Shirts, Bulwark Shirts, Horace Small, Chef Designs, Lee, Wrangler and Hospitality Reflective Striping.

Red Kap Shirts - Acura Shirts
Red Kap (Acura) Shirts

Stellar apparel is now an official distributor for the Red Kap line. Red Kap Shirts consist of automotive work shirts for brands like Nissan Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, Acura and the list goes on. If you are a certified automotive garage and need work shirts, garage shirts for the service department look no further than Red Kap Shirts. Stellar Apparel carries the entire Red Kap line, bear with us however, while we populate our website with many of the quality Red Kap shirts and other products such as coveralls, pants, jackets and more.

The Red Kap story stretches all the way back to 1923 when two brothers and a cousin teamed up to sell bib overalls in those days nobody referred to the redcap shirts as "performance work-wear" but even then that's exactly what they were providing. Even today the design team still spends a lot of time in the garage fine tuning the apparel line and that's where they claim the best ideas for the Red Kap shirts are born.

Results? You get top grade uniform shirts that any serious mechanic can feel good about wearing. Redcap shirts are comfortable, long-lasting, and the mechanics always claim that they are their favorites and that they stand up to hard days and greasy nights in the garage.

Red Cap Racing Crew Shirts
Red Cap Crew Shirts

Red Kap shirts are great for a work shirt, but what about using them as a show shirt, the next time you get a booth and a tradeshow with a racing theme, maybe try the Red Kap Crew Shirt and spruce up your booth. Red Kap shirts can be customized to fit your needs.

 All Red Kap shirts, can be custom made to your specifications, from adding or removing pockets, to changing colors of the shirts, to the type of materials used, you are at complete control over the Red Cap Custom Manufactured Shirts, Ask us about this program today!

 Visit Stellar Apparel today for the complete selection of Red Kap Shirts! Great for the Racing Garage Too!

Jamie Falconi
1/14/13 10:53PM

Custom Pit Crew Shirts by Stellar Apparel is the right choice!

The design of a race team’s jersey can play a massive role in how that particular team appears to its fans and outsiders.  This can be seen in all kinds of sports, ranging from teams that play football and basketball, to competitive auto racing as well.  Beyond the athletic and sporting world, the attire of any business or sports team also plays a large role in molding the perception of  it's clients, and making the correct apparel choice for your crew can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.  Stellar Apparel has a bountiful supply of ideas for custom crew shirts that will serve to make your team unique and dependable in its appearance.

These custom crew shirts have an impressive number of options such as selecting the styles and designs, to choosing the colors and sizes most appropriate for you and your fellow teammates.  The particular style and color of custom crew shirts that you select will go a great way to defining your appearance to people so be sure to consider how you want to be perceived.

Get Noticed With Custom Crew Shirts!
Get Noticed With Custom Crew Shirts!

A classic look that is marvelous for mechanics and race teams is the Downshifter style racing pit crew shirt.  This custom crew shirt embodies the classic garage style with a serious button-down black front capped with a colored top and back.  This gives off a sincere and professional appearance for any garage or pit crew.

Another popular choice of custom crew shirts is the Hairpin style that recalls a definite racing mystique due to its bold v-shaped design across the front of the custom crew shirts.  With a powerful stripe of white against the black bottom, this style includes a color of your choice at the top and shows the world that you are all about racing cars!

The Racing Polo crew shirt is a more modern, yet professional style of custom crew shirt geared towards teams that are always pushing the limits of cars and racing in general.  With a diagonal line separating the colors and a fashionable collar to display professionalism, these custom crew shirts are sure to impress visitors and are available in strong bold colors like red, gold, and orange.

Custom crew shirts are also made for women partaking in the business of auto racing!  Available women’s blank or custom crew shirts styles include the Women's “Tach” Polo shirt style, Up-Shifter style, and the Double-Clutch racing polo shirt style.  Also with a variety of color options, these shirts can be customized to match your team’s specific needs.  Additionally, the Women's Racing Pit Crew Shirt Aero Style 919 style of custom crew shirts presents a more casual design that is still effective for your needs.

Race season is just around the corner so teams and crews are gearing up for all the fun!  But finding the right custom crew shirts can definitely pose a tough task for any manager.  Stellar Apparel makes the whole process as simple as possible.  With an array of different custom crew shirt styles and choices, you will be sure to find all the possible directions your apparel could take for your team within this one company!  Yes, the daunting task of working successfully towards a goal like winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is still a mighty one, but with the right custom crew shirts your team will be ready with a stellar appearance!

Author - Nicolas Spiller
Co-Author - Jamie Falconi
Chief Editor & Proof Reader - Jamie Falconi
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Mechanic Shirts - Blank and Custom by Stellar Apparel

Everyone comes with different plans in mind and if you have a plan to buy the best shirt for you and your crew members then you should try to find the best company that can provide you with mechanic and custom shirts online. There are many brands online that are perfect in manufacturing such shirts that can fit your staff members. Different sizes and design are available so as to suit all the members. But selection of the mechanic shirt company should be based on certain factors. The company you select should be efficient and reliable;it should be able to tackle your orders and should be able to deliver them to you on time. Many companies claim that they can deliver the shipment in any corner of the world but only a few can actually do so. An efficient company can do this thing and if you have an intention of long term relation with that company, then the selection should be more critical because it will determine many things of your future! Never compromise the quality over price. Although price is also an important factor and you should consider it while making a purchase but never buy substandard mechanic shirts for the sake of saving a few bucks!

Selecting the best company for mechanic shirts:

Over internet, you will find a number of mechanic shirts provider and if you want to find the most suitable for you; you will be required to see the remarks given to particular companies by their customers. This is the best way to judge any manufacturer and his products. After short listing the companies based on this thing, you can further make a selection by checking the personal requirements. See whether that company is able to provide you with custom designs? After analyzing these factors, you can make a good choice for you and your staff members! 

Visit us online for custom mechanic shirts 

Custom Racing T Shirts Promote Race Teams -

A great way to build support and fans in the auto world is with custom racing T shirts.  Stellar Apparel has been supplying race teams of all levels across the country with excellent racing T shirts and have enabled these teams to benefit from the promotion and fundraising capabilities that racing T shirts bring to a team.

Having a supply of racing T shirts to sell to fans will bring your team a sense of legitimacy and also help pave the way to becoming the best race team possible.

One of the great things about Stellar Apparel and our racing T shirts is that they are completely customizable and come in a variety of colors and designs through custom screen printing.  Whether your team wants just a collection of 12 black and white racing T shirts, or if you desire 1,200 shirts with many colors, we can help your team fulfill the demand for your racing T shirts. 

Our team is also well versed in graphics design and has created a fantastic array of colorful and inspiring racing T shirts designs.  Often featuring a vehicle in a blazing flash of speed and glory, you will surely find a design that captures the true essence and awesomeness of your racecar.  Additionally, with great colors and high quality shirts, our racing T shirts will help your team become a heroic display of racing domination. 

Our custom racing T shirts can also be used in a wide variety of other facets ranging from businesses to other racing sports like boating or motorcycling.  Off-road racing enthusiasts will delight in our many designs of sand and desert cars.  Or, if your team is all about drag racing, we can help make the right racing T shirts for you because everything is done custom to fit your needs. 

Businesses that want to display themselves with a custom shirt can also find a happy home with Stellar Apparel, which has fulfilled custom shirt orders for all sorts of companies, ranging from local drywall experts, concrete cutters, to truck companies, car dealerships and more.  These shirts will help your business gain publicity in a fun way with the cool designs and fun colors.

Our racing T shirts are also loved by children because of how exciting the graphics are.  Kids of race-fans or team members will be thrilled to own a brilliant racing T shirt and this will further help to show off your team, and can help you gain younger fans.  Who knows, these young fans may grow up to be inspired to start a race team themselves or get involved in the auto industry from this early experience.

Racing T shirts turns your race team into heroes.  With exciting and colorful designs, your racecar, business, or dealership can become the talk of the town as people start to see your racing T shirts all around town.  Stellar Apparel enables full customization on our wonderful shirts to provide the best possible racing T shirts for your race team and its adoring fans.