Stellar Apparel - Custom Racing Apparel, Pit Crew Shirts, Charles River Apparel, Holloway Sportswear, Sublimated Pit Shirts, Screen Printed & Embroidered also Eco-Friendly Promotional Items. Stellar Apparel - Custom Racing Apparel, Pit Crew Shirts, Charles River Apparel, Holloway Sportswear, Sublimated Pit Shirts, Screen Printed & Embroidered also Eco-Friendly Promotional Items. Stellar Apparel - Custom Racing Apparel, Pit Crew Shirts, Charles River Apparel, Holloway Sportswear, Sublimated Pit Shirts, Screen Printed & Embroidered also Eco-Friendly Promotional Items.
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Stellar Apparel Blog about Custom Racing Apparel

Custom Racing Apparel, Embroidered Pit Crew Shirts, Race Team Apparel, and more!

Custom Pit Crew Shirts and other Team Apparel provide Brand Awareness for Racing Sponsors

Pit Crew Apparel is a great way to promote brand awareness and brand loyalty. When fans see your racing apparel with the logos of your sponsor prominently displayed they will gain knowledge and awareness of the brand you are trying to promote. Auto racing is the largest spectator sport today, with fans of drivers, teams, tracks and individuals that go out of their way to patronize a brand that supports their favorite race team.



Logos can be attached to most any garment, polo shirts, button down pit crew style shirts, caps, jackets and more to give your team that professional look and feel. When your team looks good, they feel, good and when they feel good they perform at their highest level. Any driver knows that without a solid team and great performance by the entire group that visiting victory lane would not be possible.

It doesn't matter if you are sporting a t-shirt with a 1 color imprint, button down pit crew shirts with embroidered logos, or the newest in pit crew fashion with the dye sublimated uniform shirts, you are showing pride, you are showing your sponsors that you care, you are providing invaluable brand awareness for your sponsors, and you are making your team look and feel the best they can. 

Stellar Apparel is a leader in custom racing apparel, pit crew shirts, caps, jackets, hero cards and more.

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In 2015 Die Sublimated Pit Crew Shirts are the rave

If you are considering a new batch of pit crew shirts for your team this season, you should consider using a sublimated product. The value in sublimation is you can print an all-over printed shirt, with unlimited colors and unlimited logos for one low price, plus a setup charge.

Our typical shirts start at about the $80 price range, with a one-time setup fee for artwork and template creation of $150.

Here is a mockup example showing the all over printed design features and the customized logo placement etc... 

These shirts are limited in design by only your imagination... 

Contact Stellar Apparel today to speak with someone about your custom pit crew shirt project and please consider a sublimated pit crew shirt for 2015!

Stellar Apparel writes articles explaining screen-printing and embroidery

Stellar apparel has committed to writing articles on this blog about apparel decoration such as screen printing, embroidery, heat press, sublimation etc. The goal is to write articles that are informative and may answer questions that customers have in the future about the different types of decoration, the costs involved, the processes, and what you can expect from each type of decoration.

Common questions about screen-printing and embroidery are things like, what do the setups cost?, how long will it last?, will the artwork look crisp?, how long will you keep my artwork on file? By writing very targeted articles about screen-printing or embroidery and different types of decoration we will be able to narrow down a lot of these types of questions, identify them, and answer them in the best possible way.

Stellar apparel provides screen-printing, and embroidery services as well as a full array of promotional items which are offered. We cater to the motor-sports community with custom racing pit crew shirts, racing T-shirts, caps etc. However, we also are experts in decoration services... So for your next project involving screen-printing or embroidery give us a call!

Thank You,

Jamie Falconi
PH 508-485-5511
FX 508-281-8281
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Race Crew Shirts Help Promote Your Team!

Many directors of race teams fail to notice the importance of quality race crew shirts. Beyond simply forming a cohesive look of the entire pit crew, having a solid and presentable appearance through some quality race crew shirts can have beneficial results stemming through an improved work ethic and an improving promotional aspect outside of the racetrack. You want your team to perform great, and having a professional attire will help lead to professional results from your race car.
Stellar Apparel has a fantastic supply of race crew shirts to help your team get noticed and foster a sense of camaraderie within the team. A classic design that has become very popular is the Racing Polo Crew Shirt. With a solid two colored design and endless possibilities of customization possible, your race crew shirts will be specified to your team’s exact needs and provides a professional and presentable attire.
For more of a modern style representing a young team looking to make an impact, no race crew shirts are more attractive than the Specter Racing Pit Crew Shirt. These race crew shirts feature two colors but with a diagonal line dividing the middle of the shirt. Also customizable and featuring several different color options, these race crew shirts are favored by many race teams.
Even more exciting a style of race crew shirts is the Spoiler Pit Crew Shirt that provides a jagged and jarring line through the heart of the shirt. This is a shirt designed for teams that operate on the cutting edge of future racing technologies and want race crew shirts that showcase such a strong dedication to the future.
Stellar Apparel is also here to assist with creating race crew shirts for any women within your race team. Several popular women’s race crew shirts include Women’s Racing Polo Shirt Tach Style and the Bella Women’s Racing Polo Crew Shirt. Now everyone on the team can fitted from one single source for their race crew shirts needs!
Race crew shirts are also a great item to provide your race team because they showcase and advertise your team to the world at large. Of course everyone at the racetrack will recognize you and your team regardless of attire, but when everyone leaves the track how will new fans be exposed to your team? Exciting race crew shirts evoke interest from fellow race fans and can initiate conversations and new interest in the driver and team. Who knows what sort of people can be networked with that could lead to new sponsors, crew members, or other valuable assets that could improve your race team.
Therefore, the next time that your team needs to be outfitted in a cohesive manner, especially now as race teams are just starting to prepare for the upcoming race season, consider Stellar Apparel as a go-to source for all your racing outfitting needs. With years of experience directly into the racing world, Stellar knows how to make a team shine, and with the best race crew shirts, will help take your team to the next level.

Written By: Nicholas Spiller

Custom Racing T Shirts that are Totally Custom!

Everyone loves looking at racing T Shirts. Whether you're at a NASCAR race or at a hometown track on a Saturday night you’ll most assuredly find racing T Shirts. The full-color artwork is colorful and typically might depict a picture of the team’s race car, or multiple cars, or the driver’s car with multiple graphics like flames or diamond plate as backgrounds.

Racing T Shirt Designs
Blankenship Custom Racing T Shirt Design

Included in the design of your racing t shirts would be various sponsors that the team may have and a team logo and of course somewhere on the shirt would be the mainstay checkered flags. Stellar apparel creates totally custom racing T Shirts from pictures of your racecar. Totally custom art, not cookie cutter, or name drop, it’s your car, your ideas, and ultimately your racing t shirts that you have to figure on selling.

Racing T Shirts are designed totally custom from your specifications. We create artwork from concept to creation. We will design racing T Shirts from one to as many as 12 colors, but typically are designed to run in the 6 to 8 color range. Minimum orders for custom artwork, with artwork between 6 to 8 colors would be about 144 racing T Shirts.

Custom Racing T Shirts by Stellar Apparel
Mystic Pizza Racing T Shirts

You can expect to pay a variety of different range of prices depending on such things as the color of the racing t shirts you choose or the number of colors that we print on the front, back, sleeves or your racing t shirts or any other location you may choose and of course the total number of racing t shirts we are printing for your project.

You can view more than a few of the racing T shirts we have designed in the past for various customers on our custom screen printing page. We've done designs from one color pictures of a go-kart on only a dozen tees, all the way up artwork and projects for championship teams and drivers. We don't turn down a project involving custom racing t shirts. We love to create totally custom racing t shirts for any size team. We can handle projects of any size because we have full production capabilities. So NASCAR teams and Saturday night races alike please contact us and see how we can help you on your next project involving racing T Shirts.

Again, some of the things to consider when planning your project, which might affect the price of your racing T shirts, are things like the following:

a)      Keep in mind the color of shirts used – Whites are cheapest, Darks are more expensive

b)      Consider the sizes of the shirts you use - larger sizes like 2X+ are typically a few dollars more per shirt

c)      the locations we are going to print

d)     how many colors we are printing in each location

  1. Left chest?
  2. Full Front?
  3. Left and/or right sleeves?
  4. Full Back?

e)      and of course last but not least the total number of shirts

f)       (keep in mind shirts and sweatshirts can be mixed and matched)

Visit us online at to view samples of our artwork, also coming soon is our portfolio with examples of screen printing and embroidery artwork that we have done in the past for customers along with examples of racing T Shirts.

Jamie Falconi

Race Shirts Take Your Auto Crew First to the Finish Line

Race shirts come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what, quality race shirts will always help your team finish first. With customizable options and varieties of styles, Stellar Apparel has the best race shirts available for your auto team and its fans!

Younger fans and car enthusiasts will love to purchase one of your team’s very own race shirts that can be outfitted with up to 6 different colors and show off your team in a blazing image of glory. Race shirts are a wonderful method of fundraising for any racecar team and also help your team get noticed in a fun way.
Our customizable race shirts will also assist your team itself as Stellar Apparel has a series of pit crew and mechanic’s shirts. These race shirts are an excellent way to outfit your team or garage in the most professional manner. Whether you are gearing up for the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega or simply trying to help your very own auto shop come across in the best way to clients, our race shirts will help your team to the finish line.

Some of the more popular styles of race shirts include the Downshifter style racing pit crew shirt and “The Racer’s Choice” racing pit crew shirt. More classic teams often prefer the Hairpin style as it houses a brilliant Racing-V design. No matter which style of race shirt you demand for your team, Stellar Apparel will have you covered, and with our many customizable options, will ensure that your group is the best-dressed team of them all!
Our race shirts are also now featuring women’s designs in order to accommodate all the members of your team. Some of the oft-chosen women’s race shirts include the Double-Clutch style, the Upshifter style, and the women’s Infineon racing crew shirt. Each style of the race shirts has its own merits and benefits, so be sure to take a look at our entire selection to find the race shirts that best fit you.

Race teams aiming for a more prestigious outfit will delight in Stellar Apparel’s Polo shirt options, including the women’s racing polo shirt Tach style and the Tonix men’s style of race shirts. These will elevate your race team to new heights and will show of a level of class. Just make sure that your racecar can compete to the proud level of class that your race shirts take you to.
As you can see, everyone involved in the race team from top to bottom, from the guys in charge calling the shots, to the pit crew, to the fans and friends of your team will feel a better part of the group with quality race shirts from Stellar Apparel. Be sure to get outfitted today with the trusty help of your quality friends over here. With years of experience directly involved in the racing world, Stellar Apparel has the knowledge and know-how to dress your race team for success!

Penned By: Nicolas Spiller

Custom Racing Shirts: Impressing Others

Are you considering impressing others with your trendy, cool and sporty outfits? It certainly is possible now as you can try out the customized racing shirts, and make yourself look cool yet sexy. You will find a large number of brands that focus on different markets, share similar ideologies, creating sportswear for their consumers that challenges tradition.

However, the fact you need to keep in mind here is that not every brand you come across is genuine. Before you place an order, especially through the online portals, you must read and go through the terms and conditions on these sites. Some of the sites even do exchange the clothes If the size you ordered does not match, and that also, at their own cost. You can even return the items back if you are not pleased and satisfied with the items you have recently purchased. This option is exceedingly imperative while you purchase custom racing shirts via online stores other than the real ones, you do not have the benefit of feeling and touching the product. This makes most people fear that they would end up purchasing something they will not like, especially when buying through these Internet stores.

On the other hand, there are some portals that follow a strict and firm non refund policy. Therefore, before you make any decision to buy a custom racing shirt, Just Google the websites and check for customer feedbacks about the website. In case you find even one customer who has been ripped off, there would certainly be vocal about it. Buying sporty outfits such as the custom racing shirt is not an easy task unless you are aware about the best place to buy it.

Pit Crew Apparel – Best For Sports Enthusiasts

Everyone is interested in sports nowadays. The kids take interest in sports every time. There are many famous sports around the world and we can see many big sports celebrities and huge names all around the world. These sportsmen have their key success secret. It is the wearing of unique sports apparel. There are many famous kinds of sports attires for the enthused sportsmen across the world. One of the most famous brands is called as Pit Crew. This is the most popular attire brand and it has made its worth renowned due to its various kinds of uniquely designed apparels and well crafted sports clothes all over the world.

Today we can see an amazing trend of Pit Crew apparel all over the United States and across the nation. The best thing about these sports attires is that they will incredible boost up persona, style and character of the sportsmen. This is the reason why Pit Crew apparel is loved by sports teams globally. When you are looking for Pit Crew clothes, you will find a huge variety in them. For example, Pit Crew shirts, t shirts and racing shirts are tremendously popular all over the America. These types of shirts of such renowned brand are carefully and elegantly made from unique fabric. And importantly, Pit Crew apparels are very seasonal clothes for the wearers.

On the other hand, you can find high quality crew jackets, sweaters and bags of this famous brand. You can also find more variety in the Pit Crew brand like elegant goggles, hats, safety kits, knee pads, cool suit systems, helmets, golf and polo shirts, etc. Where can I buy these elegant types of Pit Crew apparel cheaply? All you have to do is to discover famous attire shop online so as to buy your fitting Pit Crew clothes stylishly as well as inexpensively. offers the complete line of Charles River Apparel for sale online with no minimum order.

Charles River Apparel is a brand which provides a vast array of clothing items which suit basically any item a person could need.  With an incredible array of varying clothing option types, Charles River Apparel is sure to have the correct garment to fit your particular outerwear and athletic needs.

Charles-River-Apparel-Buy-Online-2(1)With items for men, women, and children Charles River Apparel can provide apparel items for the whole family!  For everyday casual wear, Charles River Apparel has a fine supply of polo shirtswind shirts, and casual knits.  These fashionable items are appropriate in most any setting and with Charles River Apparel; you can be assured that your garments are of the highest quality.  Whether you are venturing out for a day on the golf course and need a windbreaker, or V-neck golf pullover, or perhaps just a trip to the local mall, Charles River Apparel makes it easy for you to do it in style!

In slightly less favorable weather conditions, Charles River Apparel will also have you covered.  Raingear, insulated apparel, and various outerwear items like the Alpine Parka (Rated to -9 degrees) do very well in the cold weather of winter and are all made with high quality fabrics and are fashionable.  Battling cold or snowy nights can often be a real pain, especially if you don’t have a quality garment by your side.  Charles River Apparel has that high quality and strives to keep its customers warm!

Additionally, rain will cease to be a total nuisance with the use of Charles River Apparel rainwear that includes both hooded jackets and waterproof pants made of nylon so that you can stay warm and dry during wet, rainy days.  For women, check out the very popular Charles River Apparel Women’s New Englander Rain Jacket, Style # 5099, or the men’s equivalent the Style 9199. Precipitation of any sort can be quite troublesome to someone’s clothing choices and having the proper rain gear is a necessity sometimes.  Charles River Apparel provides that level of security, knowing that your garments will be functional and fashionable.

Charles-River-High-Vis-Jacket-9732Great work wear has also come easy to find with Charles River Apparel.  The styles range from jackets, shirts, and sweaters that are all designed to help make any worker look good. Charles River Apparel is also a great proponent for safety clothing like high visibility.  Featuring taped seams, polyester coating, and bright neon colors, road workers and others requiring high visibility will stand out and be protected with the style like the Signal High Vis Jacket, Style 9732.  The 9732 is 100% Waterproof, is ANSI 107-2010 Class III Rated and comes in sizes up to 5XL. This greatly reduces injuries from the potential accidents that can occur, especially at night.  With great visibility, the Charles River Apparel high visibility clothing is a smart and safe choice.
Charles River Apparel also makes fantastic sports wear for any athletes in your family.  With great choices of hoodies, track pants, and warm-up gear like the ever popular Olympian Jacket , all of your sports gear will be covered.  This will leave athletes with more thought and time devoted to performing their actual sport instead of worrying about what garment to use for the occasion, or stressing about an issue with their poor quality items.

Stellar Apparel is an official Platinum Distributor for Charles River Apparel and offers the complete line of Charles River Apparel for sale on their e-commerce site, with No Minimum order, and they offer decoration services, like Screen Printing and Embroidery as well, if you want Charles River Apparel for your company giveaway, uniform, or your sports team.  Visit us online now at

Co-Written - Nicholas Spiller / Jamie Falconi

A Quality Race Shirt Creates a Strong Team Brand

Team jerseys go a long way to helping sports teams from every corner of the world establish an image or a brand. Having a race shirt for your own team can have the same effect, and a quality race shirt is also a great way to bring an element of camaraderie to within your team.
With Stellar Apparel, there are tons of customization options available that will make your team’s race shirt stand out above all the rest. If you will need nice Polo shirts for your team to present a professional but relaxed efficiency, this is the option for you, and Stellar even enables choices of colors and designs for the race shirt. One popular option is the Mens Checkered Trim Racing Pique Polo shirt that is available in 5 different colors, while more youthful teams may prefer the Specter Racing Pit Crew Shirt that features two colors separated by a diagonal slash on the front. Other forms of a race shirt are also available like pit crew shirts and mechanic shirts so that whatever need you may have can be met.
Ladies on your team will also be covered with a fantastic race shirt as there are specific designs tailored to fit on a woman.

Examples include the Women’s Infineon Racing Crew Shirt that portrays a professional race team appearance and the more casual Pace Racewear Womens Racing Sleeveless T-Shirt that shows a tougher girl image and is better suited to warm weather. With outfits catered to your team’s needs, everyone on the team can be dressed in a matching and professional way!

With members of the team outfitted in the same race shirt, this will help to bring unity to your squad. Race teams need a sense of direction and pride. A great race shirt brings that element of legitimacy to your team, no matter what league or racetrack you participate in. You might also consider a sublimated race shirt, which is made from 100% polyester and typically there is no limit on the number of graphics, or colors, with an all over print, the sublimated race shirts make any team stand out!

Additionally, regular T-shirts can be designed into a fantastic race shirt with custom screen-printing. These types of race shirt are perfect for fans of the race team and kids who are interested in racing. Often designed with bright colors and exciting images of racecars, these shirts will help you establish a brand for your team and win over fans whose interests are captivated by the fun shirts. This presents an excellent way for race teams to connect with race fans, as the shirts are endearing and fun. You want your team to capture as much support as you can and a fun race shirt for the team and its fans will do just that. They can also be designed with other fast vehicles like boats, motorcycles, and trucks to cater to your own particular race shirt needs!
So whether your team needs a race shirt for the members or you want a fun race shirt catered towards fans, Stellar Apparel is here and ready to help you outfit your race team with the best possible designs. No matter what your preferences or design choices may be, we will have you covered!

Authored - Nicholas Spiller